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In this detailed article, I’ll walk you with each step of this process to precisely set up your campaigns and target possibilities on PopAds. This is an PopAds case study that’s going help you in large way! But you should know that the Mobidea Academy pros have already created a great PopAds review that you can try! In this comprehensive review, you can find ways to boost your efforts. I’ll also share the results of a quick study about improving, which can help to achieve more lucrative goals.

Buy Popads Accounts

For those who don’t know me personally My identity is Andrew Payne, and I am an online marketing professional who specialises on mobile-based traffic.

For the moment let’s talk to the wonderful staff and find out if we can increase your PopAds revenues.

The Mobidea Crew struck up me and asked me to write some of my thoughts to you directly.

When we began to brainstorm ideas for topics I could think of the idea of providing useful tips and research on PopAds seemed to be a perfect fitting.

As you can see, I’ve recently been climbing at least one attempt at different sources and using it as a model for my students in training to learn how to increase and expand their own personal.

I’d just started to conduct visits to an evaluation process on PopAds in addition to the information I’ve collected is an extreme instance that can be used in this specific guide.

The Way to Correctly Establish a PopAds Campaign

The first step is to understand that we need to understand the best method for preparing the PopAds effort.

What I’ve observed is that many brand new affiliates are likely to think too much about the method of establishing an initiative.

The second one is the person who suspects themself, should they get stuck in the process of navigating the options located in the preference menu.

Pro Suggestion: it’s important to understand the maximum amount of information you can in regards to traffic resources.

Each one is distinct and what is effective for one source may be incompatible with another.

I suggest you visit the complete knowledgebase or FAQ section on PopAds Also, think about sending a message if you have several particular questions you are unable to find the solution to.

Tracking Your Efforts Is Critical

If you’re employing Voluum, FunnelFlux, either Thrive, or another tracking platform, Voluum comes with a certain pair of tokens that have to be set up in the preferred

These components can relay information to your tracker and enable you to make informed decisions while maximizing your efforts.

It’s essential to set this in the correct order since you’re paying more for information for your own campaigns. You shouldn’t have to lose this information without having things functioning as they should.

Take a look at the images below to discover what is available PopAds tokens and an example of how you can put it up on Voluum.

Below are all the available tokens provided by PopAds:

Here’s an excellent illustration of how to set up the components of Voluum accounts: Voluum accounts:

Possible Link:

If everything is properly installed when you make an effort in your tracker extremely close Link to your effort will appear as insane as the following:[WEBSITEID]&quality=[QUALITY]&categoryid=[CATEGORYID]&country=[COUNTRY]&formfactorname=[FORMFACTORNAME]&ispid=[ISPID]&ispname=[ISPNAME]&campid=[CAMPAIGNID]&impressionid=[IMPRESSIONID]&adblock=[ADBLOCK]&bid=[BID]

After you’ve chosen the vertical, you’ll have finished studying the country that you want to target and have amassed a number of sources to study then put them on your tracker. You can then generate the effort link, which will be used in PopAds.

It’s likely to look like the previous link in the case.

In this specific instance we’ll make use of an iPhone Sweepstakes offer that includes the wi-fi as well as the major mobile carriers to the United States in South Africa.

They typically have the $1-$5 per payout variety. The most common one I played included four payouts.

This section offers a variety of choices.

You can choose the campaign’s name, select the connection to your tracker gives you personally as well as more.

Do not get too involved in this particular aspect! I have visited many affiliates who commit mistakes in the following ways.

Enter the name you’ll need Keep the option selected to URL, then include your own effort connection.

I, in general, will let the Prefetching option in the dark and check that when I’ve made an amazing effort.

I am frequently asked questions all times about the premium alternative in PopAds.


Let me tell that you should be aware of the reason you don’t set it to”All of the websites” in the first place is that you don’t have to set limits on the amount of traffic you’ll receive.

You should test the process thoroughly and find out what the exact issue is actually changing for the sake of effort.

This applies to all choices regarding this effort.

From the beginning, you must make sure that you have the right amount of options in order to start targeting with the appropriate type of traffic to your products and do not worry about every tiny detail.

In the future, during the process of marketing, you’ll be capable of reevaluating some of them as needed.

Keep the frequency cap in”Inch view/24-hours” when you first start.

Please allow me to depart”After approval” on”Pause” thus the process will not commence until I am fully prepared to do this.

You can also do this by putting your”Time Targeting” to daypart according to your most suitable times or days to carry out the task.

To locate the”PrimeSpot” alternative, go exactly the same method we used to get to your”Quality” choice.

There’s just a small checkbox that asks for your permission if you’d prefer to”Permit alternative methods if the one you’ve selected isn’t available “

I usually leave this to be assessed since the majority of traffic is likely to be pop-unders anyway.

Measure Two: Budgets

I would suggest that you leave the decision for” Smart Bid.”

This allows PopAds to adjust your bid to different levels in accordance with the competition of every website, thereby delivering you traffic while making sure that your bid’s average is within the maximum bid limit. There is a” Legacy Bid” which could offer you a standard rate of bidding for all the internet websites that send you traffic.

I’m sure you’re contemplating how to make a place an order?

In the moment just put it at 1 CPM which is .001 We’ll continue to revisit this in the future , before saving this particular project.

For your daily budget it is possible to determine a maximum amount you can spend each day.

In the event that you clean it It will cover the total amount you’ve incorporated into the total campaign fund.

This section will be self-explanatory.

If you’d prefer to extend your budget for evaluation to a longer period, by limiting the amount of your advertisement according to a rate of a second/minute/hour You can definitely achieve this.

However, I don’t use these features.

The category section is helpful when you’re trying to promote an offer that is targeted to your area of expertise.

Most of the time, I’ve used it to focus towards all Adult traffic, including mainstream and traffic.

For the majority of offers like antivirus, Sweepstakes, and Mobile Apps There’s no obligation to make it so in your personal targeting.

All of these products are compatible with all kinds of equipment, however, it is important to follow the guidelines provided to the specific offers you’re studying.

Read More: Buy PropellerAds Accounts

In this case If it doesn’t allow faster flow of traffic, you could make it a goal only for main-stream traffic.

In this instance we’re slicing all traffic, therefore we will render the section as it is.

Be aware that if you move the appropriate area to”Your Alternatives” sterilized, it’s going automatically point everything at the area.

If you manually add several items into the correct box, it could mean that you’re just focusing on those specific options.

In the majority of cases you could be just focusing on one country per effort. Also that is the moment at which you will make the decision.

But, in some cases, it is possible to decide to concentrate on several countries and perform an evaluation across the globe.

This section lets you make sure you’re targeting the right languages and the size of people.

However, there could be a few instances employing this technique, but only the options for speech will be used in a proper manner.

You may be targeting several countries in your effort, and you want to control which languages you’re trying to target.

In other situations it’s one country, which has several languages, however, one of them is more profitable than the other isn’t.

What should I do?

It is possible to return later to eliminate the most inefficient one.

Here’s a screen shot that targets every language of the nation you chose to represent in the 5th step:

One of the many reasons, the reason PopAds is an ideal source of traffic for beginners, is the ability to target is something it can boast over.

PopAds offers more options in terms of targeting than almost all other traffic sources, which allows you to narrow to the most profitable segments you can target when creating campaigns.

Here are three primary choices available for the surrounding area that target:


Certain devices only allow Android or iOS traffic, and some allow both. This is in which you determine the term.

You are able to select special types of browsers to get traffic from.

To begin I would suggest focusing on all browsers and examining your own personal information to determine if it’s worth making any modifications.


Rarely do I have to be able to remove or aim distinct resolutions from screens.

If you’ve made a successful effort, it will typically perform across all monitor resolutions (assuming your landing page is correctly coded.

By using the targeting options of the apparatus it is possible to choose to concentrate on smartphones, tablets for phones as well as a variety of different types of gadgets.

With this specific example we’re able to focus on telephones.

PopAds also gives users the option of focusing on specific versions of your device.

Although this is a great feature however, it’s often not necessary except for a particular device version that has the highest amount of traffic but doesn’t make a good conversion or the other method.

If this is the case it’s possible to review this procedure again and remove the apparatus version.

In addition option, you can focus on only the most lucrative models of apparatus.

In the beginning, we’ll take a look at all models.

In this area you can define the type of internet connection that your users are using, and then target them accordingly.

In this case there are some deals that only allow mobile traffic, or an ISP.

This could be the time at which you take a decision about the amount of effort.

The three options are:

Connection Type S

I’d like as large a traffic volume as you can , when I set up campaigns. I’ll make sure to keep this strategy in mind for all the choices.

To determine connection rates you can decide if you wish to focus on traffic, carrier traffic as well as a different option.

When I used to aim just Carrier visitors, then I’d select”Cellular/Carrier.”

Websites Providers

If you want to choose an exclusive cellular service This is the place where you can make that choice.

In this particular demonstration, we’ll be focusing the traffic.

Pro Suggestion: On PopAds, you will notice that some of these ISP names don’t fit the current Mobile Carrier titles. If you’re having difficulty determining the ISP is the genuine Mobile Carrier that you’d like to use then you can do a simple Google search for the ISP name as displayed by PopAds. In addition, you can determine the actual name of the mobile Carrier.

This will help you to ensure that you’re using the right ISP for the mobile carrier traffic you want.

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