Buy Craigslist Phone Verified Account – Per Account 1$

Buy Craigslist Phone Verified Account – Per Account 1$


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What if the PVAs do not work?

PVAs Craigslist created by us are 100% guaranteed for seamless working until and unless there is some violation of Craigslist rules.

In case you find our PVA not working for any other reason, we will fix the problem or replace them.

Can you buy the Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts in bulk?

Of course, you can buy as many Craigslist PVA as you want and if you buy PVAs in a large bulk we the prices get reduced further

In fact, we recommend you to buy in bulk because it is the cheapest option to post multiple ads.

Are these PVA accounts tested before they are delivered?

Yes, every Verified Account for Craigslist is tested before delivery to make sure that you do not have any issue in using them.

We log into the PVA and post real ad on the Craigslist to check efficacy of the account. So, rest assured that those will work for you.

How long will you be able to use these accounts for?

All PVAs are provided with Craigslist policies and instruction at the time of making delivery to the buyers.

You can use them according to these relevant policies and instructions.

Re-Verification of Craigslist PVA/Fixing

Any re-verification issue will be resolved by us free of cost for a period of 3 days from the date of delivery of the PVA.

No re-verification/replacement requests can be entertained after this period.

Our Guarantee

We will either fix your CL PVA or replace the same if that is found not working within 3 days.

We also give 3 days’ money back guarantee.

When will my Verified Accounts be delivered?

Usually the PVAs are delivered within 3 days of ordering. Only in exceptional cases, when there more workload, we need a bit more time for delivery.